IKEA TROFAST kids storage

IKEA TROFAST toy storage review
Review Roundup: Your kid will love the play space IKEA's TROFAST storage systems will create.
RRP: $89.00 and up
  • multiple confingurations to suit your space and storage needs
  • holds lots of kids gear, especially toys
  • horizontal models are easily accessible to children
  • self assembly
  • taller vertical units should be secured to a wall to prevent them falling on little people.
Overall Rating:
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IKEA's TROFAST is more of a toy storage system than a toy box. It come's in 4 sizes; vertical, vertical with steps, short horizontal & tall horizontal. It also comes in two finishes; white (laminate) and a natural pine finish (raw).

You buy the bins separately. They come in three sizes and four colours; green, white, blue & pink. Also you can buy shelves and use those instead of bins.

In use

IKEA's TROFAST comes in a flat pack and includes everything you need for assembly except a screwdriver. As a general rule TROFAST is easy to assemble. I had some difficulty with the final part of screwing the rails in. It was difficult to get the screws flush and I had to resort to some wood glue in some circumstances.

Once assembled the TROFAST is king when it comes to toys. You can choose the size of the draws depending on your needs. The deep ones a great for sets of things or bigger toys with lots of parts. The little ones are good for cars & nick naks. The top is good for larger toys or makes a good stand-up craft table.

The finish is pretty good. We've had the white laminate for about 4 weeks now and it's standing up to lots of little boy action. I would imagine that it would look at bit worse for wear after a few years of love.

The laminate is easy to keep clean, just wipe it down. The pine finish is raw so a tin of non-toxic finish and a few hours of your time is probably a good investment if you want to keep it looking nice.


One thing I really like about TROFAST storage is that it's easily accessible by kids. This means that if you go for the tall vertical option you really need to attach it to the wall. It could really do some damage if it fell on a small child while they were looking for their toys.

You pay for each component of the TROFAST system so it can really add up if you get carried away and create your own storage city.

We are all waiting for online ordering at IKEA, until then TROFAST is only available from the limited number of IKEA stores around the county. If you don't live near an IKEA store you can alway check out eBay to see if one is available locally second hand.


IKEA's TROFAST is a really great storage option to make the most of whatever space you have available. It's best suited to toys but is also useful for clothing, linen & books.